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This thing is the boss. The indicator lets you see from across the room whether your water needs a refill. But it holds so much in the reservoir, I didn't have to add any water the whole season. I had my tree up from a couple of days before Christmas until Epiphany. It's also very heavy duty. Once I had it locked in there was no doubt the tree was staying put. The foot locking mechanism makes it a breeze to center and lock your tree. No bruising your knees crawling around adjusting a seemingly infinite number of thumbscrews. I highly recommend. Jim, OH |
This product is unbelievable. We have used the screw in base for decades for our tree. Every year getting the tree fitted properly into the base was a scream fest between me and my wife. Who held the tree crooked, who did not hold the tree long enough, who did not tighten the screws, etc. Our children would run to their rooms to shield themselves. Finally last year our screw stand broke and so this year I wanted to end the tree stand nightmare. I brought the Krinner stand after reading reviews. So, we began the journey as usually, i set up the new Krinner stand, brought the tree in from the car, place end of tree in stand, and with three steps on the stand lever we were done. I mean within 15 seconds done. I was in shock and amazed on how well this product works. Best find of 2017. Jack P. Michigan |

Krinner - The better tree stand

For over 25 years KRINNER has eliminated the hassle of setting up a Christmas tree. Inventor Klaus Krinner experienced first-hand the difficulty and inconvenience of traditional screw stands. All his efforts to set up a tree in these stands failed. So he came up with a much better idea: he engineered the single cable technology with a foot pedal ratchet. Krinner tree stands instantly became a huge success in Europe, leading Krinner to debut in the US. Millions of customers have chosen KRINNER’s Christmas Tree Genie for fast and reliable Christmas tree set up every time.

KRINNER’s Christmas Tree Genie surely is 100% Grinch Proof.

General features & tech specs

  • Easy to use foot pedal ratchet
  • Large water reservoirs keep your tree fresh and looking great
  • For trees up to 12 feet tall and trunk diameters from 1 to 7 inches
  • Krinner’s original single cable operation guarantees that the tree stands absolutely firm and straight

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* Last revised: Amazon, October 2014. Tree Genie XXL.
** Warranty up to 3 years for the Tree Genie M and L and 5 years for Tree Genie XXL and XXL Deluxe.