Tree Genie XXL Deluxe


Tech Specs

Max. tree height

12 feet / 3.60 m

18 lbs / 8 kg
Product Diameter

20" / 52 cm
Max. trunk diameter

7" / 17 cm
Water tank

2.5 gal / 7.5 l

Product Description

KRINNER’s Christmas Tree Genie XXL Deluxe is our most innovative stand. It comes with Krinner’s original single cable operation, ‘Ding’ technology and patented safety belt. Just place your tree in the stand, hold it straight and step on the foot pedal until the bell rings.

General Features

  • Simply pump the foot pedal
  • 2.5 gallon water reservoir with level indicator
  • 12 foot trees, 7” trunks
  • 20” base diameter
  • 18 lbs base weight
  • ‘Ding’ Technology
  • Patented safety belt
  • Krinner’s original single cable operation
  • Additional centering device for smaller trunks
  • 5 safety claws

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Krinner's original single cable operation guarantees equal pressure around the trunk
The Krinner Tree Genie XXL featured in Good Morning America TV
Source: Good Morning America TV
Christmas Tree Stands in Review
Winner: The Krinner Tree Genie Deluxe

Customer reviews

I will admit at first I was held off by the price. "$100 for a Christmas tree stand!" But, after my husband picked out the most enormous Christmas tree on the lot, we needed a stand that was capable... and we needed it fast. I still can't believe the ease we had getting our 12 foot tree into this stand. It was literally up in seconds. LOVE the water level indicator. It's so well made - clearly going to last for years. Worth every penny.

This is by far the BEST christmas tree stand I have ever used. After years of cursing the little screws and fighting if that tree is straight, this item has brought back the joy of christmas! I have been considering purchasing a Krinner the last three years. This year I convince myself that it must be worth it seeing as how great reviews it has. We bought a huge full size tree and it worked! I would highly advise anyone on the fence to make the jump and give the Krinner a shot. Molly K. Wisconsin |
This product is unbelievable. We have used the screw in base for decades for our tree. Every year getting the tree fitted properly into the base was a scream fest between me and my wife. Who held the tree crooked, who did not hold the tree long enough, who did not tighten the screws, etc. Our children would run to their rooms to shield themselves. Finally last year our screw stand broke and so this year I wanted to end the tree stand nightmare. I brought the Krinner stand after reading reviews. So, we began the journey as usually, i set up the new Krinner stand, brought the tree in from the car, place end of tree in stand, and with three steps on the stand lever we were done. I mean within 15 seconds done. I was in shock and amazed on how well this product works. Best find of 2017. Jack P. Michigan |
This is probably the best invention ever made for Christmas. I struggled so much with that damn $7.50 Christmas tree stand with the long (but not longer enough) eye screws that never reached the center of the base because my tree was only 2.5" in diameter. It turns out that the trees we've had in the past were much thicker in diameter but I've always struggled with them as well. Lots of work of shimming just to take up the extra gap and then resulting in an unstable and wobbly tree.

I'm so happy that I bought this- all it took was less than 2 min. and my son to stabilize the tip of the tree and it went in evenly. All of the claws moved in together and grabbed my tree trunk from all sides. It's very stable and not a wobbly at all. I also like how the water level pop-up indicator shows how much water is left in the container without having to peek in there and see. The pull out rectangular feet provide stability but slip back in when you are trying to push and pull the tree base into position on the floor. No biggie as it will not fall as a result of this but you do have to readjust it back in place.

The only drawback was the price of this thing. But after remembering all of the struggles I've had in the past, I knew this was going to be a great investment. Peter B. NY |
This thing is the boss. The indicator lets you see from across the room whether your water needs a refill. But it holds so much in the reservoir, I didn't have to add any water the whole season. I had my tree up from a couple of days before Christmas until Epiphany. It's also very heavy duty. Once I had it locked in there was no doubt the tree was staying put. The foot locking mechanism makes it a breeze to center and lock your tree. No bruising your knees crawling around adjusting a seemingly infinite number of thumbscrews. I highly recommend. Jim, OH |
Do you still tighten screws and bolts with your hand while someone else is trying to hold the tree straight? And when you come back up with sap in the hair and needles in your collar the argument that the tree still isn’t straight just wont end. Do yourself a favor: get yourself KRINNER’s Christmas Tree Genie. Follow the instructions and you will NEVER AGAIN fight over your tree. I promise. By far the best peace maker I could get into my house. Thomas C, IN |