Tech Specs

Candle length

3.5" / 9 cm
Candle diameter

0.6" / 1.5 cm

0.04 lbs / 20 g

more than 14 days*
LED Power

7 mW
Krinner Lumix Remote Control
100% Wireless Christmas.

Product Description

Bring back the magic of Christmas candles with the safety and comfort of wireless LED technology. Lumix Classic Mini combines traditional German Christmas Candles with today’s expectations. They guarantee wonderfully warm LED light that is 100% fire safe.

Lumix Classic Mini candles are so easy to use. Just clip the candles on your beautifully decorated tree and switch them on with your remote control. Your Christmas tree will sparkle with the traditional look of candlelight. Lumix Classic Mini candles combine modern and elegant design with supreme functionality. Lumix Classic Mini is a wonderful and festive addition to your Christmas tree.

LUMIX CLASSIC Mini - User Instructions  LUMIX DELUXE Mini - User Instructions 

General Features

  • Infrared remote control
  • Easy and wireless Clip-On style
  • Long lasting performance - 14 days when used 4h / day
  • Warm, sparkling LED light
  • Choose between constant illumination or flicker mode
  • Starter Set Mini: 12 LED candles (height 9cm /  3.5 inches), 1 infrared remote control, 14 AAA batteries
  • Extension Set Mini: 6 LED candles (height 9cm /  3.5 inches), 6 AAA batteries
Lumix Classic Mini Starter Set - 12 LED Candles, 1 Remote Control, 14 AAA Batteries